Official music video

«Petit couteau, coat de cuir pis des singes sur une moto»


«She’s a vicious, selfish, maniac / Once you’re rolling with her, there’s no turning back / Always on the move / Going from town to town / Make sure you’ve got what it takes, when she comes to get down / She’s making heads spin everywhere she goes / The second you see her, man you already know / A tough one like that won’t take shit from fools / She’s seen it all before, and she’s got nothing to lose / She’s been with numbers of men, tore em all apart / Big velvet purse full of broken hearts / Don’t get too close, she’ll get in your head / One day you’re living the dream, the next you wish you were dead / The fairy tale turns to nightmare / Caught at my own game, I thought I’d be in control / She played me just like she played every men / Made me fall for her then ripped my heart and soul / Do it! / I can’t believe I used to complain / About her, smoking cigarettes and snorting cocaine / But now she’s gone and I lost her track / Man I’d do anything to have her back / Now she’s gone and my world turned grey I wake up in sweat every night, screaming her name / I’ll move on with my life like you’ve never existed / Until we meet again»




Studio Nord Est


Studio Nord Est

Design & illustration

Studio Nord Est

Production & animation