Montreal Alouettes

New identity launch

MontreALS: Launching a new identity through animation.

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We were asked to help give life to a new visual identity for the Montreal Alouettes, a sports institution that has been a fixture of the Montreal landscape for over 70 years. This was no mean feat! And it was a risky one too, as not only did we have to reflect the brand DNA, which the franchise wanted to use to connect even more with the city and its existing fans, but we also had to add a bold new touch with an eclectic animation style that reflected Montreal’s urban spirit and sports cred.

Urban, bold & edgy were the three keywords that guided us throughout this project that involved creating the launch for the new visual identity, the animated elements as the players walked the runway to show off their new uniforms, and all of the scenic and visual elements to accompany the cool beats dropped by the DJs throughout the VIP event.



Design and experience

Vice Media

Special contributor

LM Chabot (L'Éloi) & Celia Spenard-Ko


Studio Nord Est

Production & animation