Our process in five

Idea generation

We kick off your project by kicking our brain cells into high gear. We put our heads together to let the ideas and creativity flow, and together we devise a project that will develop the way you want. We then assemble the best team of illustrators, designers and animators to make your ideas as big as they can be.


During the storyboarding stage, we develop the main line of the story you want to tell. We put down on paper all the tools we need to get a solid idea of your project in terms of angles, camera movements, artistic direction, and more. Frame by frame, we then illustrate the storyline to express what you want to communicate.

Design & illustration

Once the idea and storyboard concepts have been approved, we start designing and illustrating everything down to the last detail. Our team digs deep into their creative toolbox to provide you with multiple visual renderings, illustrations and storyboard panels.

Production & animation

The production and animation stage is when all our illustrations come to life. This is also when our team of 2D and 3D animators come up with their best magic to get your project off the ground. As the animation takes shape, you can always review and comment on the results.


The launch phase is when we help you get ready to release your idea to the public (TV, web, interactive platforms, projected images, etc.). Our priorities are also technical support and file management so that your project has the impact you want with your audience.